Name: Auati Varii

Aliases: "Iceborn"

Languages: Unknown

Role: Clan founder

Allegiance: Volkihar Vampyre Clan

Gender: Male

Species: Vampyre

Vampyre Clan: from unknown, now Volkihar Vampyre Clan

Relatives: Giola Aonis (clan mate)

Date of Turning: Around 15,000 B.P.D

Died: 13,056 B.P.D


In the year 18,612 B.P.D. a Vampyre of the name Auati Varii decided to abandon his home clan after decades of mistreatment and abuse to take several of his kin to the frigid iceplains of Kaylai. It was there that he discovered that not only could he withstand the cold, but he could also thrive in it as well when given the opportunity. And thus, alas, began his quest to build a clan of his own, which he henceforth named the Volkihar clan. By the year 16,500 B.P.D. he had managed to turn nearly twenty-five thousand Zu'Aan into Vampyres, with nearly all of them surviving the transformation process.

It was at this time that he and his kin began to train them on many key aspects, including physical, emotional, mental, and psychological state. This, as a result, led Varii and the kin he brought with him on his voyage to Kaylai to form a royal family, which required a royal palace built out of stone blocks and cement. In the year 16,300 B.P.D. Varii decided that he wanted to have children in spite of the fact that he was a Vampyre originally turned into another clan, so he went into the slopes on the outskirts of Kaylai and transformed a female Zu'Aan.

Hhe was named Giola Aonis, who was an accomplished political leader at the time. He died, along with Giola Aonis in the Battle of the Nahre. This battle happend in the year 13,056 B.P.D.



Abilities and TraitsEdit





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