Name: Belus Nalgarot

Aliases: "The Exiled"

Role: Scientist, Clan founder

Allegiance: Bonsamu Vampyre Clan

Gender: Male

Species: Vampyre

Vampyre Clan: Bonsamu Vampyre Clan

Relatives: Unknown

Date of Turning: Unknown

Died: Unknown


He was a Zu'Aan scientist whom was ridiculed and bullied after a demonstration of his Strength In Numbers theory resulted in a series of glitches with the then-scientist's computer system. Immediately following this, he packed his things and, without notice, fled to an undisclosed location in the Zu'aan continent of Aqidwyz. where he spent most of his time trying to create (to the best of his ability) a new species. After several failed attempts, he successfully created through his experiments the world's first Bonsamu Vampyre and soon it got out and turned half-dozen Zu'Aan.

When he had recaptured the Vampyres, he raised them as his own, but over time they, too, began to rebel against him and then escape from his secret laboratory. Where he had spent over a decade raising them. Nalgorat then became a recluse, excluding him from the rest of society for the rest of his days. It is known that a Bonsamu Vampyre Clan Vampyre turned him, but the year is not known.



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