At a rough glance, Zu'Aan look basically humanoid. They possess a humanoid body shape, binocular vision, and recognizable eyes, noses, and mouths. But Zu'Aan are not in any way, shape or form actually Human. They have a much wider range of bodily sizes, skin and hair colors, most of which vary highly with climatic bands rather than genetic groups. Their hair is thicker and coarser than that of Humans.Zu'Aan nornaly have white to light brown in city Zu'Aan and dark brown skin to very dark brown skin in tribal Zu'Aan. Some Zu'Aan have albinism and hperpigmentation. Giving very light for the fromer or very dark skin for the latter.

Ciry Zu'Aan sometimes have finer hair than tribal Zu'Aan. Often a dark brown or black (although it is often died), and more rarely reddish blond. Some Zu'Aan have blond, white or grey hair. It is not ofthen you find a red haired Zu'Aan. The eyes are larger, more wider set than a humans, without eyebrow ridges or the like. Most Zu'Aan have green, brown, blue or grey eyes. Lots of Zu'Aan have blue-grey, green-grey blue-green or white eyes with some city Zu'Aan having volot or pink eyes. The nose is smoother, the cheekbones more angled. The ears are nearly perinpedicular to the skull and cheekbones, but too long and pointed.

In other ways there bodies are far different than Humans. They use copper rather than iron for most oxygen binding duties in their blood. Making it green in color and giving them a faint greenish tint to their skin regardless of color. They lack body hair of any kind anywhere but the head, and their skeletal system is double-jointed by Human standards. Zu'Aan genetic stability is somewhat more fragile than humans, and as they age certain mutations are more likely to express themselves in glowing patches of skin, blackened scars of constricted flesh and other minor alterations such as fangs, claws or leathery skin.

Some Zu'Aan prize such things and see them as gifts of the gods. Some Zu'Aan hate mutations and kill the mutants, this is normal along tribal Zu'Aan. Zu'Aan are mamallian and reproduce sexually, with a gestational period of twelve months and and a puberty onset of roughly twenty years of age (slightly less for some females in clan environments.) They are larger and stronger than humans, wtih greater muscle strength in a pound-for-pound comparison, most city Zu'Aan are around 6 to 7 feet tall and a wiaght of around 200 to 300 hundred ponunds. Most tribal Zu'Aan are around 6 and a half to 7 and a half feet tall and a wiaght of around 250 to 350 hundred ponunds.

The Zu'Aan have much longer lifespans -- most can live to two hundred, but spans as long as five hundred were not uncommon in the heyday of their culture and technology. City Zu'Aan racial groups are more varigated than tribal types, although they have somewhat less genetic diversity and a greater propensity towrads mutation. Tribals are, as can be expected from nomadic wandering hunters, more muscular and somewhat taller than city Zu'Aan.


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