Vampyre Clan Edit

Sanctuary: Vxrek Tropics / Shadla

Tech level: Stone Age

Founder: Isaough Ashd

Eye Colouration: Bottle Green

Clan Languages: Ranalee, Keltur (Secret)


The clan was founded by Isaough Ashd, a slave on the old Empire times from city called K'Tyl. He was forced to work in building works for masters whom cared little for slaves. When the Vampyre Outbreak came, he was bitten by a Vampyre from a group that raided the part of the city he was from. He was bitten in fighting the Vampyres. When he turned, he turned many of the city's Homeless, slaves and others whom would not be missed. So other time, they slowly gained more numbers and panned to fight their way out.

In the year 2,000 of the Second Era, the clan left the city that they was from.


Hotblooded both literally and figuratively, everything they do is done with passion, style, and for the sake of showing off. A Egnana Vampyre usually has unique quirks or hobbies in which they focus their attentions upon. Their strong personalities and energies make them very social amongst others.


They possess bright hair in flaming reds, orange, gold, and white. Their eyes burn with intense saturated colors and they have light white skin. They also have an unusually high internal body temperature. In this clan, Vampyres are 6 feet tall and with a weight of 100 to 120 pounds for males. Females being around 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighting of 100 to 120 pounds. They became stronger when they drink much blood, but need more to not die of hunger then many other Vampyre clans.

Vampyres inthis clan are stronger, smart and can more adapt quickly then may other clans, but not as stoung as the Diwarale Vampyre Clan, as smart as the Selenu Vampyre Clan or as able to adapt quickly as the Khulari Vampyre Clan. They have as weaknesses, being unbale to run fast, being unable to regen as fast as other clans and are not able to live in cold places.


They live in a country called Shadla, where is storms a lot, becasue of that they can resist the most of the disasters, that take less in a toll in the clans numbers. But, when there is little rain and plants and creatres die, they run out of food and stave to death fast. This is because they do not keep food stored and there is little to eat in the dry times there. They life in families of 4 to 40 Vampyres and they like Atlaoa (a coconut like fruit) . They hate the fruit of the Naawee tree (look like a grapfruit).

Vampyres in this clan do love to swim and do it when they can.


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