Vampyre Clan Edit

Sanctuary: Inland Sea of Ghosts / Shen'Saru

Tech level: Stone Age

Founder: Clist Rodild

Eye Colouration: Electric blue

Clan Languages: Hondyn, Pergeng (Secret)


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They are unnerving to be around, speaking with an air most unnatural and a creepy detachment from the world around them. Impossible to know truely, a Ewther Vampyre is a planner, but he never lets others know that things have gone just as the Ewther Vampyre has planned it. Ewther Vampyres prefer to work in the background, and let the world work for them.


Ewther clan Vampyres have a condition that affects the heme groups present in hemoglobin that can make the skin appear blue—a symptom called cyanosis. They also suffer from alopecia universalis (total loss of all hair on the head and body). Vampyres of this clan have the arterial hemoglobin in the blood partially oxygenated, and the blood appears dark red with a bluish hue. Vampyres from this clan have a mounth full of shark-like teeth. To help with swimming they have webbed hands and feet.

Vampyres from this clan have six fingers on each and six toes on each foot. They are able to swim well and have a second eyelid that helps them see underwater. They are very weak to sunlight, only being able to live 30 minutes in sunlight before being burned to death. Vampyres from this clan are 5 feet tall and with a weight of 100 to 120 pounds for males. Females being around 5 feet 3 inches tall and with a weight of 100 to 120 pounds. They have a better sense of smell than many other clans.


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The religion of the clan is called Manerito'fiter this was started to celebrate a Vampyre known as Manerito'fiter. He died for his fellow Ewther Vampyre Clan and his sacrifice will be known and remembered. This Vampyre was killed fighting for the honour of the founder and upon his death in battle he was made a into a hero for the Ewther Vampyre Clan. He had a cult started around him whom worship him as a god-like being of honor.


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Kazuma Mitsuku Hatake, TheBurningPrincess

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