Vampyre Clan Edit

Sanctuary: Willborn Boreal Forest / Yeroraugh

Tech level: Stone Age

Founder: Eldwer Iaen

Eye Colouration: Sky blue

Clan Languages: Awdyn, Entiai (Secret)


The Garlythi Vampyre Clan lived though the 5,000 years of the Shattering by hiding in old bunkers light by gas lamps, for the bunkers were very dark. Meany of them lived in nearby caves. In time, the food in the place around ran out and they turned to cannibalism. Only 5000 of the 30,000 whom entered lived though the Shattering. To other Vampyres they are not much known about, and to the Zu'Aan, they are things that lurk in the darkness.


Pragmatic and wise, Garlythi Vampyres are deep thinkers who are slow to action. They appreciate everything thing done thoughtfully, and are stubborn and dedicated when they finally do act. They make the most loyal of friends and the most persistant of enemies.


Blood form Garlythi Vampyres contains the copper-containing protein hemocyanin. Hemocyanin is colorless when deoxygenated and dark blue when oxygenated. They have an unusual skin texture and pattern resembling that of marble, and come in various earth-tones and marble white. Hair often is long with dark shades of brown or green and resembles vines and roots. Eyes have a distinct glossy sheen of polished stone. They are around 6 feet tall for male and 5 feet, 5 inches tall for females, but can be up to a foot taller or shorter.

The normal weight for this clan is around is 100 pounds for males and 90 pounds for females. Vampyres in this clan are slender and long-limed. They are good at climbing, with bones that can survive great impacts and not break. Vampyes of this clan are weak to many poisons that other clans are not.


They all where black robes and live in the depths of the woods and small abandoned wooden houses.


The authority the leader has is absolute and that he is dangerous to mess with and those who shall dare to challenge him would pay a high price. A Vampyre that is the strongest is the leader of the Garlythi Vampyre Clan. The leader, they serve and take orders from and the leader is a massivly tall male Vampyre and he has hidden in the biggest and oldest tree from the woods observing anyone who wound enter the woods. It is said taht from up there, he can see most things that happens in the forest and he is able to know exactly when and where to corner the victims.

He and his clan would have a feast of the naive life there. The leader has a huge old throne made of the wood of the the biggest and oldest tree from the woods. Their leader watches everyone and eveything that happens in the woodland. He has spies to tell him what those he rules over are planing to do if any of them plans to come against him to challenge him and if any of them plans to defeat him and take his throne then those would be devoured on the spot as a lesson to those who plan to defeat him in the future.


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