Vampyre Clan Edit

Sanctuary: Mindcloud Swamp / Gatlaulta

Tech level: Stone Age

Founder: Nalshy Vorrd

Eye Colouration: Sea Green

Clan Languages: Uyata, Nlaiya (Secret)


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Ibanhon Vampyres are a shy and secrativeVampyre clan who has grown to live within swamps and bogs. Masterful hunters, they are patient and fierce, using hit and run tactics and natural traps. They come off as unfriendly to others due to their disinterest in the occurances of others around them.


They have a sickly yellow or green cast to their skin which is often slightly mottled and unhealthy anyways, with thick stringy hair of blacks, browns, greens, and dull blues. Their eyes are dull, and they shine in the moonlight like a cat. They tend to have thin gaunt bodies which hide their actual strength. Vampyres of this clan have chlorocruorin to transport oxygen. It is green in color in dilute solutions.


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Galas Malatar Project

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