Name: Ildtorhin Che'tai

Aliases: "The Fearless Scarred One"

Languages: Unknown

Role: Laboratory experimental subject, clan founder

Allegiance: Neluskskel Vampyre Clan

Gender: Male

Species: Vampyre

Vampyre Clan: Neluskskel Vampyre Clan

Relatives: Unknown

Date of Turning: 24,314 B.P.D

Died: Unknown


In the year 24,314 B.P.D. Ildtorhin Che'tai did an experiment in his office with a dead phoenix-like animal known as a quaco. After pouring a chemical on it, something strange transpired. At first, nothing happened, but not too long later, just as Che'tai was about to leave his laboratory. The quaco got out and bit a Zu'Aan and within three months, transformed into the world's first Neluskskel Vampyre, ran out of the laboratory, knocking him over in the process, and soon flew away to find somewhere to hide.

The Zu'aan whom became a Vampyre came back and bit Ildtorhin Che'tai.



Abilities and TraitsEdit





Galas Malatar Project

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