Name: Kelcha Iakough

Aliases: "Dawnbringer"

Role: Scientist, Clan founder

Allegiance: Cullan Vampyre Clan

Gender: Female

Species: Vampyre

Vampyre Clan: Cullan Vampyre Clan

Relatives: Unknown

Date of Turning: Unknown

Died: 24,049 B.P.D.


A little over 24,000 years ago, before the rise of the Vampyrian race took place, a Zu'Aan scientist, after trying for decades to gain recognition for inventions she created, decided to build her own secret laboratory, where she created the first Cullan Vampyres from willing Zu'Aan subjects and raised them as her own. She would raise these new creations of her for the rest of her life until her death in the year 24 049 B.P.D.



Abilities and TraitsEdit





Galas Malatar Project

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