Vampyre Clan Edit

Sanctuary: Youngblood Bamboo Forest / N'balaiara

Tech level: Stone Age

Founder: Eskelaendu

Eye Colouration: Grey-green

Clan Languages: , (Secret)


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To the Kuvesim Vampyre, life is a constant rave. Obsessive partygoers, a Kuvesim Vampyre seeks to relish enjoyment and sensation to its fullest potential. Evil-minded Kuvesim Vampyres are terrible sadists and hedonists, and more benign Kuvesim Vampyresbecome the greatest artists, performers, and atheletes of their age.


Kuvesim Vampyre are naturally relaxed, with long hair which tends to cover their eyes. Their eyes are all smokey and glazed, and as they age their eyes gloss over to a blank white or pastel color. It does not inhibit their vision in any way. When they speak, small puffs of water vapor escape their lips as if they were in a cold environment.


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Owlflightzz, TheBurningPrincess

Galas Malatar Project

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