Vampyre Clan Edit

Sanctuary: Killsky Sinkhole / K'iantar

Tech level: Stone Age

Founder: Aldrodther

Eye Colouration: White

Clan Languages: Xagae, Mlakau (Secret)


7,000 years after the Lyrezi Vampyre Clan was founded, the Lyrezi Vampyre Clan had split into two warring factions fighting for food. One faction broke away and became the Keerilth Vampyre Clan, for the founder of the Keerilth Vampyre Clan trid to take over the Lyrezi Vampyre Clan and failed.


They have a pessimistic outlook on life. They see everything as in a state of decay, that entropy is winning and ultimately all things are temporary. Perhaps for this reason they seek to gain the maximum use out of what they do, and are dissapointed when they are unable to use things to their fullest. They come off as wasteful, but it is out of a desire to use what will soon be gone by other forces.


They have green blood due to the chlorocruorin that contains iron that binds to oxygen making it appear green. They have skin of ash white, gray, or black and eyes of orange and have dull hair and eye colors which do not stand out well. Their blood is unusually bright and glows slightly as if aflame, but it is all hidden under their non-contrasted exterior.


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