Place Type: Desert

Controlled by: Huaetet Vampyre Clan

Size: 130 square miles

Near to: Miarma Prairie, Inland Sea Of Ghosts, Coldrock Mountain, Lifeloss Mountain Forest


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The Noupe Desert spans nearly 130 miles in diameter, on the continent and has various Plateaus, Gorges, Canyons, Mountains, and Caves, as well as an extensive sea of sand making up most of the region. Many of the nooks and crannies within the Desert are home to the creatures of the desert, providing excellent shelter from the heat and exceptional hiding spots for both predators and prey. Water, the most precious commodity in the desert, is scarce and found in places few and far between.

The Huaetet’ Vampyre Clan's very discovery of the biggest aquifer in the desert was complete luck, though the Huaetet Vampyre Clan would argue it that it was fate and that it was the Gods doing. Despite this, water elsewhere is almost impossible to find, and how to find it is a secret closely guarded by all of the desert’s inhabitants. Dehydration may be a problem, but some of the worst natural disasters happen in right within Noupe. Ranging from massive dust storms to devastating tornadoes, the Deserts has no end to the natural horrors that it can plague Vampyre-kind.

The Dust storms are so powerful, that they tear the flesh from the bone within minutes, leaving them as white as the milk. Flash floods are also a problem, their unpredictability matches their ferocity, creating massive walls of water than can crush a fully grown Vampyre’s Skeleton to dust.


Plants within the Noupe Desert are few in number as water is bountiful, and are truly one of the most bizarre and magnificent flora to have ever graced the planet. Unlike most of the plant life of Galas Malathar, which range from the majestic coniferous forest to the tropical and vibrant plant life of the islands and rainforests, most of the plant life in the desert are mostly tough, waxy, and full of thorns. Though within these strange plants, contains some of the most powerful medicines and cures in the desert, as well as some of the deadliest poisons.

Not only that, but they also can store water within their tough bodies for years until the next rainfall, and their waxy coating keeps most of their water from transpiring into the sky. And upon the rainy season, the “Dead Land” comes to life as the dull green cacti’s flowers bloom into brilliant radiance, some even glowing, attracting pollinating insects and some small reptiles’ rodents. Some even bear fruit for larger animals to eat and spread their seeds. The Huaetet Vampyre Clan often cultivate these seeds and use them for crops to keep creatures for food.


Finished and moved.


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