Vampyre Clan Edit

Sanctuary: Vile Coast / Fakorta

Tech level: Stone Age

Founder: Sanasi Pydyjo

Eye Colouration: Pale purple

Clan Languages: Val, Angor (Secret)


This clan took part in the Battle of the Nahre, that happened in the year 10,000 of the Second Era as a part of the Great War of the Shattering. This battle were fought aginst the Gelgoran, Omquaen, and Keerilth clans in the bloody battle called the Battle of the Nahre. The battle took many Vampyres from all four clans were killed. The Omquaen Vampyre Clan lost 10,000 of the 50,000 Vampyres they had at the time. 35,000 more later died from the side effects of the Shattering. The Omquaen Vampyre Clan has around 5,000 Vampyres alive today.


They have a warm and bubbly personality and a childlike fey-like innocence which has brought disaster to them or others before. But while they often cause trouble their actions are rarely malicious. They are known to have short attention spans. They tend to shun the other races, partially because of their arrogance and partially because they have had conflicts with most other races in their long history.


They are a beautiful race of extremely long-lived creatures. Omquaen Vampyres are of slender build, nearly six feet 10 inches tall and generally have golden or auburn hair and pale purple eyes. Their ears are very pointed and their skin is a very light grey. Their Blood has hemocyanin that contans copper that binds to oxigen, making the blood appear bule.


They live in the forests where they like to hunt, frolic, engage in musical and romantic affairs and generally have a good time.


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