Vampyre Clan Edit

Sanctuary: Xatar's Steppe / Tandald

Tech level: Stone Age

Founder: Va'Mala Utan

Eye Colouration: Black

Clan Languages: Xaer, Lia'a (Secret)


25,000 years ago the Zu'Aan Government exiled 13,000 Zu'Aan criminals to the Steppe. The criminal system of the time exiled the most volatile and dangerous criminals from various cities to the Steppe due to prison over crowding and also to keep the rest of the population safer. When the exiles arrived at the Steppe the were forced into slave labour for the Zu'Aan government, mining for precious minerals.

Unfortunately in the Steppe region there are no precious minerals and the exiles found themselves digging land with no reward. 23,00 years ago during the Vampyre outbreaks a rogue group of Vampyres fled the cities and found themselves amongst the Zu'Aan living on the Steppe.


Orryner Vampyres are hated and feared by almost everyone because of their cruelty and lack of mercy.


Orryner Vampyres are relatively tall, standing on average at 5-6 foot. They are of stocky build due to the nature of the area they live in as well as the hard living conditions. Orryner Vampyres have dull brown skin which helps them to blend in with their environment as this is mainly open space. Their hair is very long, helping them to keep warm during the extreme cold of the changing seasons.


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Orryner Vampyres do not have an organised military but due to their history are all well suited to fighting when necessary.


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