+++ The rules of the Galas Malatar project.

Canon Policy - Please follow this for your page to be canon-friendly.

Rules for Claiming pages

You must claim pages before you write them

Pages must be claimed from under the "open" heading.

You can have claimed 10 pages to write on at a time.

You have to finish the pages you have claimed before you can claim more.

Not Allowed content

There will be no cross overs or stuff taken fro other Wikias and websites. Stuff must be made for Galas Malatar Wikia only.

You are not allowed to advertise anything on this site. On any page at all.

No Ponies, this includes, pages, user pages, message walls, comments, forum posts, chat or even on a sandbox.

This wiki is not a place for sexually explicit content. That means you are not allowed to upload or post any pornographic material on this site.

Other rules

Do not edit the pages other users have claimed.

Any images uploaded to this site must be under a Creative Commons Licensing or in the Public Domain, copyrighted images must not be used unless you made them. You must follow the terms of the Licensing at all times.

The images must be relevant to the wiki's topic. There will be no images that are not relevant to the wiki's topic any place on the wiki. If they are not, they will be deleted.

No content can beak the ToU's of Wikia, found here: