Name: Rykintas Aughan

Aliases: "The Recluse of X'Haia"

Role: Scientist, Clan founder

Allegiance: Cutiausk Vampyre Clan

Gender: Male

Species: Vampyre

Vampyre Clan: Cutiausk Vampyre Clan

Relatives: Unknown

Date of Turning: Around 24,000 B.P.D.

Died: Around 21,000 B.P.D.


In the year 24,243 B.P.D. Rykintas Aughan was a Zu'Aan scientist, one of the most famous of Galas Malatar's early history -- but one day, one of his experiments went terribly wrong and went haywire, which resulted in him nearly bleeding to death as a result of an amputated arm. After this experiment he became a recluse, and although most or all of his kind presumed he was dead. He was turned into a Cutiausk Vampyre Clan Vampyre in the year, 24,000 B.P.D.

Many years passed, and by the year 23,172 B.P.D. his newly created clan had finally discovered a way to take control of the some Zu'Aan population's regions and major cities. He would not live to see this happen, however. As one fateful night he had a heart attack after nanobots in his body turned against him, causing his internal organs to shut down.



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