Vampyre Clan Edit

Sanctuary: Miarma Prairie / Ilalauar

Tech level: Stone Age

Founder: Cuipris Veilddra

Eye Colouration: Pink

Clan Languages: , (Secret)


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Usknal Vampyres are a headstrong and curious bunch, most content to sit and watch others go about their day. When forced into a social confrontation, a dehll will normally maintain a polite distance between himself and any others, answering curtly when spoken to and rarely explaining themselves. Perhaps because of this, the quiet dehll have gained a reputation as being arrogant. They rarely act without first weighing all alternatives and variables. Occasionally their innate curiosity will cripple them, as they ponder over and over which would be the best or most interesting course of action.

Once a course of action has been decided, however, changing a Usknal Vampyre's mind is a feat worthy of song. If you can make a friend of an Usknal, it will be for life. They are extremely loyal and very supportive of friends and family. While they may not move quickly, they will move decisively and as a group. Beware if you ever betray an Usknal...your quick and immediate death will be the fastest decision they ever act upon. In general, they are level headed, "down to earth" people. They are not fancy by their standards, nor are they haughty (even though they seem arrogant).

They will calmly face the storm or a sunny day with the same determination. Do not stand in their way.


While a Usknal Vampyre's movements are scarcely more graceful than those of a Zu'Aan, dehll tend to move with unconscious precision, every gesture using only minimal energy. They possess hard, chiseled facial features, often described as "stony." They are a hard people surviving in a harsh environment. Their body can be used as a weapon, unlike most Vampyres, due to their adaptation to their habitat. Men typically do not grow more than a thin covering of facial hair. They have ethereal silver skin.

Their hair is likewise variable with browns, blacks, and deep reds being the most common. Like Usknal Vampyres are incapable of growing body hair, though they do display a thick, rapidly-growing mane. While most Usknal Vampyres allow their hair to do as it pleases, a few ambitious souls tame their hair into fantastic displays of braids and beadwork. Women are just as tough as the males. Their hair colors match the males and they tend to braid them intricately. One uniqueness to the females is that their hair will grow in a narrow line all the way down their back.

This "mane" is what draws the male to the female. She will ensure it shows through and around her clothing. It will be what he takes about more than any other aspect.


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None. Families fight together against the common enemy, sending both male and female into combat. They wear no armor, carry minimal weapons, but their hand to hand is unmatched. Like the wind, they are quick and fluid.


The Usknal worship the weather. On sunny days, the god of Light is happy and they go about their day to day. On rainy days, they meet in the temple and pray for the god's anger to stop. On cloudy days, the god of Light is said to be unhappy, so they behave very subdued, hoping for no anger from him. The god of Night is female, requiring all manner of sacrifice and love making to appease her. Clear nights involve nothing from them, but rain or clouds will require much more. For safety reasons, rain or clouds at night will force the Usknal to both kill and make love, but not always in that order.

Primal is not proper to its description, they are very methodical, keeping their emotions in check. The wind is the sign of happiness by both gods, so the Usknal treasure the wind the most. It is the god's favor on them. It is not known if the gods and godesses are real, but the clan think they are.


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