Vampyre Clan Edit

Sanctuary: Heartless Fungi Forest / Tar'Anroth

Tech level: Stone Age

Founder: Jualli

Eye Colouration: Silver

Clan Languages: , (Secret)


The Vali Vampyre Clan was founded in the year 7,000 of the Second Era as they broke off the Egnana Vampyre Clan because they not did like their religious beliefs. They wanted to came up with their own outside of the Egnana Vampyre Clan's religious dogma. Around 15,000 Vampyres joined this group, but in the Shattering. they lost most of their clan.


They are typically physical, direct, uncouth, intimidating, and wise. This clan have something similar to a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and restricted and repetitive behavior. The clan members are also non-verbal, unable to speak, but can make sounds. This has made it hard for members of this clan to communicate with others, both within and outside the clan. Their social difficulties and meditative nature sometimes lead them to solitude, or at least the wanderer's path, where their attributes and lifestyle complement rather then restrict each other.

Most are conflicted, their feral nature as much burden as gift, they also tend to have enough perspective to control and explore the paradox of their beings. They are very isolationist and fight those who enter their lands, but they do not go outside their lands much.


Their hair color ranges from yellow to a coppery red, and they are more muscular than other Vampyres, with eyes that tend towards silver and possess disturbingly large pupils. Vali Vampyres skin that is a mix of green, brown and yellowy-green. Vampyres of this are around six feet in hight and they weigh about 140 to 183 pounds. These Vampyres also have blue blood that uses Hemocyanin to bind oxygen. Hemocyanin is colorless when deoxygenated and dark blue when oxygenated.

They have very long and thing fingers and they have cat-like claws.


Their clothing is in dark shades of green and earth tones to better blend in with their natural surroundings. They can communicate with sign language within their own clan, but they communicate little with other clans, being unable to speak their languages.


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The Vali Vampyre Clan worships the spirits of plants and believes all things have a spirit. They have are a more peaceful version of the Egnana Vampyre Clan's religious beliefs.


The clan also likes green things. This clan has few allies, due their impaired social interaction.


TheBurningPrincess, FluffyGreen497, StrongMiracle7

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