Vampyre Clan Edit

Sanctuary: Qan'Haar Isle / An'dyn

Tech level: Bronze Age

Founder: Garathon Imraktin

Eye Colouration: Black

Clan Languages: Tarakani


Finished and moved.


Whet 'Ae clan Vampyres are in a general are sensible and quite friendly if not carefree. They believe well in harmony and truthfulness and are keen observers themselves, which led many to be tactless, annoying and some, disturbing. But many underestimate this appearance as weakness. Not known to many Whet 'Ae clan Vampyres are cunning hunters and genius craftsmen. When a Whet 'Ae Vampyre observes you he/she is coercing you to reveal your habits and by using cold reading can in limited duration and actions guess what would you do next and could counter it effectively.

Both skills are generally dangerous in the application of it in warfare and diplomacy. But due to this natures Whet'Ae's are not unknown to suffer serious paranoia if a stranger is "cannot be read" which leads them to actually retreat immediately to any kind of meeting, be it on the field of warfare or in a middle of a highly sensitive diplomatic talk to rethink and recall and plan extensively on what to do in their next encounter.


Whet'Ae Vampyres are of average build, about as tall as Zu'Aan, and much more graceful. Though they are as strong as Zu'Aan, their strength never shows in their musculature or their build and is unnaturally faster than many other Vampyre clans. They have smooth, slightly pale skins. Their hair, which they usually wear long, is sleek and straight, and usually black, dark brown or the rare silver. Their ears are about the same size as a human's, but are pointed, like a leaf.


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A hybrid-feudalistic government is structured on the Clan. It is ruled over by not only elites but also the lowly ranking members of the clan. it would be then decided who will be the leader by either, a duel, an open vote or an open forum where those present will do and casts who is the one whom is rightful to rule the clan for 600 years.


The military of the Whet'Ae Vampyre clan are well equipped and well raised. The Whet'Ae Vampyre clan commands the one of the largest navy power among the Vampyre clans as well as the one of the most elite of them all. The Whet'Ae Vampyre clan is somewhat skilled in jungle warfare also and is not often caught unaware in a fight. Part of this is because they are from a jungle island. The Whet Ae's however never had gone into an head on fight inland and also had no heavy typed infantry or suited for prolonged sieges.

Whet Ae's are generally said to never lose a battle but could not win a war for this weaknesses and even if they will, much of the clan would be cinders of its former glory. The clan is not very good at large scale battles and wars, only being able to perform well in small battles. The clan also has difficulties in military supply chain management, making it hard for them to fight for a long time.


One true being and resurrection are the center of the religious belief of Whet'Ae's they believe that only through the burning of the body by the sunlight is the only way the dead or those who are ready to be dead to transfer their souls to sanctuary to live there in relative peace until chosen again to live their lives with the clan once more, this belief makes every member of the clan to do their best to retrieve anyone who had fallen in battle to be "buried" on their sacred ground.


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