Vampyre Clan Edit

Sanctuary: Anyeri Hard Rock Erosional Caves / Enikau Tar

Tech level: Stone Age

Founder: Viat Maltxi

Eye Colouration: Pink

Clan Languages: Utali, (Secret)


The clan was founded 20,000 years ago. The Wialshy Vampyre Clan fled the Fall of the Zu'Aan empire by by hiding in old bunkers light by gas lamps, for the bunkers were very dark, these bunkers were in a place called T'Iaa. They had to flee T'Iaa because of in invasion by the Kuvesim Vampyre Clan. This drove the Wialshy Vampyre Clan far away to the barran lands around the Anyeri Hard Rock Erosional Caves. There is very little food in Enikau Tar, this is why other Vampyre Clans and Zu'Aan groups do not go there.

There is little to gain from a land with little food and few other resources. As there was around 30,000 Vampyres in this clan at the time, there was too little to to support them. In time, the food in the place around ran out and they turned to cannibalism. This lack of resources lead to the clan fighting almost themselves for food and resources. After this dark time for the clan, there was only 5,000 Vampyres left. The clan soon spread across Enikau Tar to spread their numbers more thinly. The clan is now divided into meany small groups whom fight each other for food and resources.


Wialshy Vampyres are barbaric and tribal.


The Wialshy Vampyre Clan, are troglobites, this is an animal that lives entirely in the dark parts of caves. They have a slow metabolism to survive in a place where food is little. Wialshy Vampyres have lost their sight and their eyes are vestigial, as in the dark loss of sight is not as much of a deleterious effect on fitness in the current environment. The lack of skin pigment could be because they do not need to produce skin pigment as camouflage or protection from the sun. Instead they have a enhanced sense of hearing and smell, this does not rely on light.

They are shorter than most Vampyres, and tend to have unusually heavy bodies for their size due to their strong mineral-rich bone. The clan's Vampyres are good at climbing and are adapted well to do this. They weak at fighting, this is because they are blind and can not see well to fight. They are around 5 feet tall for male and 4 feet 5 inches tall for females, but can be up to a foot taller or shorter. The normal weight for this clan is around is 150 pounds for males and 120 pounds for females. Vampyres in this clan have green blood.


They dress in simple clothing of animal skins and basic plant weaves that are taken form the world above. Vampyres of this clan live in caves most of the time, going out only to feed upon mammalian creatures near the caves they live in.


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To other Vampyres they are not much known about, and to the Zu'Aan, they are things that lurk in the darkness.



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