Vampyre Clan Edit

Sanctuary: Bladeshine Glacier Caves / Nok'sala

Tech level: Stone Age

Founder: Liyed Tonarr

Eye Colouration: Light Pink

Clan Languages: Nyiryn, Lerall (Secret)


They choose to live on caves after being driven away from their some region of Enori.


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The Xfaxa Vampyre Clan, are like the Wialshy Vampyre Clan, trogloxenes, an animal species which live close to caves or at the very entrance of the cave, but cannot live exclusively in a cave. They have have adaptations tto live in caves of very large eyes to pick up on the little light that shine though the ice. This clan also has an somewhat heightened sense of hearing and smell. There is a lack of skin pigmentation in Vampyres of the Xfaxa Vampyre Clan. The clans sense of touch is unaffected.

They also have adaptations to be very cold tolerant as the Bladeshine Glacier Caves are in a very cold, northern region of Galas Malatar. One adaptation is by thick fur on the entire body. It is known they are more smart then normal for Vampyres, but not as much as some other clans.


Xfaxa Vampyres call themselves the "Xen'Pil Faxa" as a people. The are related to the of the Wialshy Vampyre clan and have been thought of as kin to them.


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Kazuma Mitsuku Hatake, TheBurningPrincess

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