Name: Yarbaza

Aliases: "Seawalker"

Languages: Unknown

Role: Clan founder

Allegiance: Thrafey Vampyre Clan

Gender: Female

Species: Vampyre

Vampyre Clan: Thrafey Vampyre Clan

Relatives: Roquala (clan mate)

Date of Turning: Unknown

Died: Unknown


Yarbaza, along with Roquala, both land Vampyres, decided to go into the ocean and live there. They had abandoned all that they possessed at the time in search of what they thought would be a peaceful and solace-bound existence. This was to escape the Zu'Aan whom had killed many of the Vampyres on the land. It was then that they decided to continue living in the ocean permanently, thus naming their home on the ocean floor Liathakoya.

Every night for the next several thousand years, Yarbaza and Roquala made it a habit to swim to the beaches to turn unsuspecting Zu'Aan beachgoers into Thrafeyans.



Abilities and TraitsEdit





Galas Malatar Project

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