+ For Claiming:

++ Tribal Zu'Aan[/b]

Ercer Forest - Verengor Tribal Zu'Aan

Engryn Marsh - Nyss Tribal Zu'Aan

Gar'ther Mountain - L'nah Tribal Zu'Aan

Havlvanuu Cliffs - Jhya Tribal Zu'Aan

Hatock'i Forest - Xrael Tribal Zu'Aan

Kelqua Montain - Udyna Tribal Zu'Aan

Rothech Plains - Athslu Tribal Zu'Aan

Rekiz Forest - Maakdri Tribal Zu'Aan

Risacko Plains - Rynmdar Tribal Zu'Aan

Ymore Valley - Mathrindi Tribal Zu'Aan

++ City Zu'Aan [/b]

Athi City - Blytia Empire Zu'Aan

Iharyll City - Eniti Empire Zu'Aan

Iki Bae City - Ghain Empire Zu'Aan

Kathi City - Ashonkimatsu Empire Zu'Aan

Lloigh-Enn City - Llooskim Empire Zu'Aan

Nalgorivir City - Hontia Empire Zu'Aan

Oldemdynlorold City - Dra'shya Empire Zu'Aan

Sarvar'Leed City - Quehin Empire Zu'Aan

Tirixi City - Nys'eti Empire Zu'Aan

Und'dar City -Ra'Kil Empire Zu'Aan

++ Independent Zu'Aan

Charod Wasteland - Alixa Independent Zu'Aan

Denraylye Plateau - Laust Independent Zu'Aan

Er'und Hills - Natae Independent Zu'Aan

Fairika Forest - Cawlai Independent Zu'Aan

J'Caivna Forest - Lajuad Independent Zu'Aan

Mosris Marsh - [Jia Independent Zu'Aan

Kimyera Valley - Malait Independent Zu'Aan

Lleus Falls - Uyar Independent Zu'Aan

Nytgar Falls - Nauat Independent Zu'Aan

Samrayos Valley - Zrea Independent Zu'Aan

++ Claimed

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